Prize : $2500 usd 

Size : Hight 67 inches X width 38 inches 

Layers of thick paint have been generously applied, creating a dynamic texture that invites exploration. Your fingertips will yearn to trace the contours of the painting, feeling the tangible embodiment of the artist’s passion and expression. Every stroke carries the artist’s emotions, allowing viewers to become immersed in the process of creation itself.

I fell completely in love with this piece when Nan posted it 3 weeks ago & couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Today I finally brought her home & the details in person are even more amazing.

Thank you for the opportunity to own “Honeycomb Girl”!

23 June, 2023

Nandhini is one of the finest artists I have met around. She’s born talented and her art work is amazing. Either you’re looking for self portraits or any classy piece for your space she’s the one for you! I loved her work with my portrait which she finished in no time by help of a picture. Just love it!!!!

20 Aug, 2022 

Artwork, Design, Inspiration.

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